Road Department

101 Highway 8 West
Aberdeen, MS 39730
(662) 369-2509




Road Manager
Sonny Clay
(662) 319-7881

In his role as road manager, Sonny Clay manages employees of the road department and is responsible for maintenance of all county-owned roads and bridges




Responsibilities of Road Manager:

  • Administer policies and procedures adopted by the board of supervisors for operation of the county road department.
  • Hire assistants and employees necessary to maintain the county road system, subject to approval of the board of supervisors. The road manager has full supervision of personnel engaged in the work of the road department.
  • Purchase or lease the necessary equipment and materials for operation of the county road department as long as it conforms with the county budget. The road manager must comply with all central purchase laws and all purchases are subject to approval by the board.


County Road Map