Circuit Clerk



Dana Sloan
P. O. Box 843
301 S. Chestnut St.
Aberdeen, MS 39730
(662) 369-8695



Duties of the Circuit Clerk

Maintains records of and is the focal point for the orderly flow of paperwork through the Circuit Court. This includes filing the cases, petitions, all pleadings and orders, issuing all writs, summonses, subpoenas and criminal commitments.

Assists the County Attorney and District Attorney in preparing dockets for and organizing of the Grand Jury terms, filing indictments and issuing all copies, keeping records of all bonds and bond fees, receipting all fines, court costs, restitution  and disbursing same monthly. The Clerk is also the custodian of all court exhibits. The Clerk maintains trial dockets and provides the court various information such as cases with no activity within the previous twelve months and no process within 120 days. The clerk prepares the appeal records for the Mississippi Supreme Court and provides the Supreme Court with statistics annually.

The Clerk keeps the minutes of the circuit court, is custodian of the Judgment rolls and maintains numerous other dockets prescribed by statute, assists in completion of forms for court appointed attorneys and notifies members of the bar or public defenders of appointments.

  The Clerk issues all jury summonses for Circuit Court, works with the court in handling juror excuses and assists the court impaneling jurors, gives oaths and keeps records of all juror attendance and payroll. The Clerk also swears witnesses.


Voter Registration Guidelines & Requirements

How do you register?  You can register in a variety of ways:

●  In the Circuit Clerk’s office at the Monroe County Courthouse
●  At any city hall or municipal library in Monroe County and at  Department of Human Services offices.
By mail – You can request that an application be mailed to you from the Circuit Clerk’s office
●  High Schools – Every year the Circuit Clerk visits the county high schools and distributes the Voter Registration application.
●  When you renew your driver license

What is the deadline for registration in order to vote?
The Voter Registration Application must be delivered to your registrar or postmarked (if mailed) at least 30 days prior to an election.

Voter ID Information

Y’all Vote – MS Secretary of State

Voter Registration Form

Jury Duty

Notify citizens who have been selected to serve on jury duty.
Prepare a jury list for the attorneys.
Familiarize jurors with the courthouse.
Receive and file all documents during trials.
Issue subpoenas
Receive verdicts of jurors and read them in open court.
Issue jurors a county warrant (check) and certificate of service (if needed).


Applying for a Marriage License

Applicants must obtain a marriage license prior to ceremony, plus:

●  Both Bride and Groom must appear together
Present valid ID for both (birth certificate or driver
(each must be at least 21 years old)
If under 21, parent(s) must sign, or a court order may be required.
$37 for filing fee
Confirm that any recent divorce has been finalized by a signed order (proof is not required)